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Prime Day promotes ILIFE sales growth

Amazon’s Prime Day promotion is an e-commerce feast, but also a test. This is especially true for ILIFE, who is new to the cross-border e-commerce industry. Thanks to the advice of the Amazon team and the support of official tools, ILIFE has shown good results in the first big promotion.

According to reports, after being put on the Amazon platform, the ILIFE V3S sweeping robot has long been in the top three in the entire sweeper category, and it is the most cost-effective product within the range of $200. During the promotion period, Amazon provided V3s with a spike resource. This resource not only played a direct role in the sales of V3s, but also boosted the sales of ILIFE’s other two mid-range products, V5S and A4. In the end, Prime Day’s sales of V3s exceeded 1,200, and V5S and A4 also exceeded 400 units.

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Planning cleaning, fixed-point cleaning, appointment mode, mopping mode

Integrated scanning and dragging, automatic recharging, remote control, voice broadcast, fault reporting, visual positioning, real-time tracking, panoramic vision, 3D drawing, high-definition camera

Mechanical (touch screen buttons), remote control, infrared ground sensor, dry and wet dual purpose

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ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

To judge the quality of a robot, we must first understand its working process: W400 washing robot first sprays an appropriate amount of clean water through the water purification tank to moisturize the ground stains, and then wipes the stains through the fiber cleaning roller, and then W400 The turbid sewage will be sucked into the sewage tank, and finally the residual water stains will be wiped off by the soft rubber strip attached to the ground. Thoroughly clean stubborn stains through four steps of washing, brushing, suction and scraping.


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Anti-falling and anti-collision are the more common intelligent functions in current cleaning robot products. ILIFE Zhiyi W400 has shown keen perception and sensitive action during the test process. While effectively avoiding the danger of falling and collision, The ground cleaning has been completed well, and the overall safety is satisfactory.

The disassembly and assembly of the main cleaning components of the ILIFE Zhiyi W400 washing robot are very simple. Above we have seen the disassembly process of the wiper strip, roller brush, filter screen and water tank. During the process, it can clean up by itself to ensure the cleaning effect.
ILIFE Zhiyi W400 washing robot innovatively adopts a water tank design for water purification/sewage separation storage. When cleaning, it sprays purified water. After cleaning, the motor recycles the sewage to the sewage tank, completely avoiding the problem of secondary pollution and achieving the primary cleaning effect. Moreover, the volume of the clean water tank/sewage tank is 0.85 liters/0.9 liters respectively, and the large volume design can clean an area of 30 square meters at a time.

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ILIFE Cleaner

ILIFE Zhiyi W400 washing robot has four cleaning modes: edge cleaning, fixed-point cleaning, planned cleaning and area cleaning:

Edge cleaning: cleaning along the wall, deep cleaning, not letting go of the dead corners of the edge.

Spot cleaning: focus on the key cleaning areas with a back-shaped route to remove stubborn stains that are difficult to wash.

Planning cleaning: Intelligent planning “bow” shaped cleaning, with high coverage, low repetition, and no missing scans.

Area cleaning: Perform a “bow”-shaped cleaning in an area of 25 square meters in front of the starting point.

With these four cleaning modes, no matter what complex cleaning environment the W400 scrubber has to face, it can deal with it calmly.



ILIFE Zhiyi Robot Brand Development History

The predecessor of Shenzhen Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. was the establishment of “Shenzhen Hechuanglian Technology Co., Ltd.” in Bagualing, Shenzhen in July 2007 to engage in the trading of MP3, MP4 and other electronic products.

In 2010, Shenzhen Zhiwei Technology Co., Ltd. was established (abbreviated as Zhiwei Technology), mainly engaged in OEM business, further enriching the company’s product line, and
Set up a R&D center in Shenzhen and officially launched the cleaning robot R&D project.

In 2011, we established a sweeping robot research and development center in Hong Kong, and introduced a number of outstanding domestic and foreign engineers.

In 2012, Zhiwei Technology created the original bionic “Compound Eye System” and applied the IML panel technology to the sweeping robot industry for the first time. In the same year, the first sweeping robot X500 was officially launched, and a 25,000 square meter manufacturing base was established in Longgang, Shenzhen.

In 2013, the entire line of sweeping robots was equipped with lithium batteries as standard, which was the first in the industry and became a trend in the industry. In the same year, the “ILIFE” trademark was officially registered, and Shenzhen Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Zhiyi Technology) was formally established.

In 2014, Zhiyi Technology applied brushless motors and brushless fans to the sweeping robot industry for the first time, and became the trend of the industry. It introduced integrated sweeping and dragging technology to lead the industry trend. In the same year, it also established Dongguan Zhichuang Plastic Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Zhichuang) , And established a 15,000 square meter manufacturing base in Fenggang, Dongguan, to further expand production capacity.

In 2015, it officially registered the “Zhiyi” trademark, and pioneered the patented dust box/water tank interchange technology in the sweeping robot, and first released it in the Chinese market. At the same time, the tempered glass panel technology was used for the first time, and the product industrial design was once again innovated. In the domestic market, V3S , V5S and V7S were officially launched simultaneously. In the same year, Zhiwei Technology was rated as a “national high-tech enterprise”. The company formally established a research and development center in Guangzhou, and the strategic layout of “leading technology” took shape.

2016 was the explosion of Zhiyi Technology. The first high-precision gyroscope navigation technology opened up the era of robot sweeping. Navigation sweeping robots T4, X430, and X431 were launched one after another; the global sales volume of the classic product X500 exceeded 2 million units, creating a legend in the industry; Guangdong Zhiyi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established (abbreviated as Guangdong Zhiyi). The “Zhiyi Robot Technology Park” is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The first phase is planned to cover an area of ​​68 acres and a building area of ​​150,000 square meters. The annual output of cleaning robots is expected to reach 5 million units; In the same year, Zhiyi Technology was rated as “National High-tech Enterprise”, ILIFE won Amazon’s Global “Best New Brand Award”, and “Skymart” “2016 Best Customer Satisfaction Award” and “2016 Super Supplier”. Invited to participate in the 4th Shanghai International Service Robot Exhibition and won the only “Best Design Award” in the audience. In December of the same year, the “ILIFE Zhiyi” brand was officially launched in the Chinese market.

During the use of the sweeper, the replacement of consumable parts and the cleaning of important parts are very necessary, and the manual and telephone communication often cannot fully meet the needs of customers. So on the official website, we uploaded the maintenance and repair videos and pictures of all models. In this way, it is easy to teach consumers to do simple maintenance and replacement of parts by themselves, which effectively improves the service life of the machine