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7th Annual Middle East Lighting Design Summit 2018: A Platform for Exploring the Future of Lighting Design

The 7th Annual Middle East Lighting Design Summit was held on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This summit served as a platform for discussing and exploring the latest trends, technologies, and issues in lighting design. With the participation of industry experts, lighting designers, and architects, the event aimed to promote innovative ideas and best practices in lighting design.

The summit showcased various areas of interest and discussion, including the latest technologies in LED lighting, smart lighting systems, and the integration of lighting design with architecture. Other themes that were addressed at the event included sustainability in lighting design, lighting for health and wellbeing, and the economic impact of lighting design.

One of the highlights of the summit was the keynote address delivered by Dr. Ying Wang, assistant professor at the School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wang shared her insights and research regarding lighting design and its potential impact on human health and wellbeing. She argued that lighting design should focus on creating environments that promote human health and happiness, rather than just providing illumination.

The summit also provided a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest lighting products and technologies. The exhibition area featured cutting-edge lighting products, including LED lighting, smart lighting systems, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Visitors were able to interact with the exhibitors and learn about the latest developments in lighting design.

In addition to the exhibition and keynote address, the summit also featured panel discussions and case studies on various lighting design topics. The panel discussions included topics such as smart lighting systems and the future of lighting design in the region. The case studies highlighted successful lighting designs from architects and designers in the Middle East region.

Overall, the 7th Annual Middle East Lighting Design Summit provided an excellent platform for industry experts, lighting designers, and architects to share their knowledge and experience in lighting design. With a focus on the latest trends and technologies, the summit highlighted the potential of lighting design to create sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy environments. The event attracted a diverse audience from across the region, increasing awareness of the importance of lighting design and its role in shaping the future of architecture and urban design.