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Framery Q

Framery Q is a sleek and modern Meeting Pod designed to provide users with a comfortable and productive workspace. This meeting pod boasts a range of impressive features. including soundproofing materials that ensure complete privacy and minimize noise levels. creating an environment that promotes focus and concentration. The built-in ventilation system ensures optimal air quality while keeping the temperature inside comfortable.

Additionally. Framery Q comes equipped with integrated lighting systems that provide ample illumination and pleasant LED lighting. reducing eye strain and fatigue. It also features minimum of two power sockets. USB charging ports and wireless charging pads. allowing users to stay connected while they work. The design of Framery Q is minimalist yet stylish. with clean lines and neutral colours that blend well into any interior setting. Furthermore. the Meeting Pod can be customized to fit many different meeting arrangements. needs and preferences with various add-ons like furniture. carpets and branding options.

Overall. the Framery Q office pod is an excellent investment for individuals or businesses looking for a private workspace that offers optimal functionality. convenience and style. Are you looking for a way to help your workplace feel more peaceful and productive? Look no further than the Framery Q office pod! This multifunctional and fully soundproof space with room for up to four people can transform any work environment into a haven of peace. focus. and collaboration.

The appealing curved shape and minimalist design of the interior floor the Framery Q make it an ideal design piece for any modern office. Plus. its quality finish means that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to last for years. With this well-crafted Meeting Pod comes incredible soundproofing technology that will ensure complete privacy without sacrificing elegance. You can rest easy knowing that one on one conversations or group talks within the walls of Framery Q remain confidential. In addition. complex air ventilation along with noise insulation features gives your employees the enclosed feeling they need while still ensuring ample airflow and comfortable temperatures.


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