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Into Concept Meeting Pod 

Offering a great space for smaller meetings. the Into Concept Meeting Pod is an excellent choice for busy open-plan offices. Unplanned gatherings at desks and communal areas can be distracting and unproductive. so the ability to conduct meetings and calls. spontaneously in a private. quiet space is essential for dynamic working environments. The Into Concept Meeting Pod allows you to access peace & quiet whenever you want. Private enough to be comfortable and productive. yet still inclusive with the acoustic glass front panel maintaining an exterior view. This Meeting Pod is a clever solution for environments where collaboration and independent tasks are equally important. Whilst open-plan offices provide opportunities for connections and interactions. solo projects and high-focus tasks require privacy and peace. and this Meeting Pod definitely cuts the mustard and does not disappoint.

The Into Concept Meeting Pod is a confidential and adaptable working space. It fits 1-2 people comfortably but can accommodate up to 4 people for swifter meetings planned in a hurry. The outer frame is sleek and sharp in design with melamine and veneer options covering 3 sides. The front of the Meeting Pod can be a full acoustic 10mm glass selection (including the door) or broken up with a solid door. again in a choice of colours to compliment the frame. Door options can be left or right-hand positioning. A satin-finished stainless steel door handle adds a sophisticated touch to the overall outer look. Moving on to the inside features. as well as an acoustic glazed front panel. there is an acoustic ceiling panel for additional soundproofing. The interior of the Meeting Pod is finished in classic white. The floor and back wall of the Meeting Pod feature hard-wearing. tufted Fletco Ex-dono quartet covering. adding a softer look that does not compromise on quality.

Up-to-date technology features and the ability to connect have been carefully considered in the Into Concept Meeting acoustic Pod. Power options inside the Meeting Pod include 2 data network connections so you can access company systems efficiently.


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